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Global Citizenship Passport
By Desmond Donald Green

combines two wonderful volumes:    The Practice and the "4th R". The Practice is a foundation for fulfilled living, and the 4th R described how to integrate "Reverence for Life into educational settings. Combined, a force for "being the change we want to see in the world.
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Nature Tourism: A Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities
By Andrew N. Skadberg, et al.
An entrepreneurial guide for starting a nature, heritage or experiential tourism business, or is generalizable to practically any small business. 
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VISION - We Are Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual - "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness
By Andrew N. Skadberg, Ph.D.
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When Love Guides Your Thoughts
By Andrew N. Skadberg
A powerful, concise treatise on "How to Think"
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Your Breath The Key
By Andrew N. Skadberg, PhD
is a compilation of excerpts from various sources about the importance of the Breath. Section II includes some of Dr. Skadberg's creative essays about the breath.
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New Pair of Glasses
By Andrew N. Skadberg, PhD
is a short-course focusing on experiential tourism development, primarily in communities.
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The Generic Regional Approach
By Andrew N. Skadberg, PhD
provides one the most concise descriptions of a regional tourism development strategy for tourism development grounded on education and a technology platform.
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Here are some Inspirational Materials from the Self Management Institute Team

Apple Seeds
By Desmond Donald Green
Apple Seeds is a delightful harvest of self-affirming thoughts. Each aphorism is a seed that will germinate and bear fruits of inner peace and lasting happiness.
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Forget Me Not
By Desmond Donald Green
Forget Me Not is a refreshing reminder of our inner radiance natural support systems. It amplifies our Divinity as the source of our humanity.

Full Circle Cameo
By Desmond Donald Green
The skills necessary to keep us in the balanced Circle of Life are the conscious awareness of our breath, as our bond with All-That-Is, and the practice of conscious deep breathing.
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The Oasis
By Desmond Donald Green
The Oasis is a garden of aphorisms for the nourishment of spirit and soul. As you feast daily on these spiritual fruits you will experience inner balance, satisfaction and lasting peace of mind.
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Poems and Essays about Love, Life & One
By Andrew N. Skadberg
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I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service
By Andrew Skadberg
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Essenes Teachings & Study Guide
By Edmond Bordeaux Szekely Compiled by Tom Dooley, edited and design by Andrew Skadberg
The Essenes are recognized as some of the most ancient and powerful teachings. This 7 week study guide will assist you to integrate this transformative lessons into your daily life.

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The Practice
By Desmond Donald Green
'The Practice’ is a template for confident, deliberate living, which guarantees success as practiced daily. Learn to create effortlessly and live your grandest dream.
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The 4th R Solution: 

A Teacher´s Guide

By Desmond Donald Green

Creating a culture of life-affirming values through a new educational paradigm


By Desmond Donald Green

'We are our own Sovereign Universe of absolute abundance and unlimited potentials forever.' Eyeology is a reminder of our earthly journey into our heavenly estate. It is a book of instruction for true identity mapping.

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Visions of Jamaica
By Desmond Donald Green

Visions of Jamaica is a book of insights and core values, which if practiced can transform a society from senseless violence and aggressive behavior to one of Reverence For Life and lasting prosperity. An appropriate handbook for schools and teachers.



Wrap Your Consciousness Around Your Potentials
By Desmond Donald Green

'Wrap Your Consciousness Around Your Potentials' is a guide to self-realization. If practiced daily it develops the capacity to live our dreams fully.
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The Science of Getting Rich
By Wallace D. Wattles 
The all time classic, given credit by the creator of the movie The Secret, as one of the inspirations.
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Cultural Fusion Network - the creative collaboration inspired by Yvette Dubel one of the Reverence for Life team members.
Divine Cosmos - the website of David Wilcock - combining spirit and science for a better understanding of Being human, and life on earth.
Experiential University - Andrew Skadberg´s site to present various materials on tourism and rural economic development.
Free Energy Devices - A comprehensive resource about alternative energy, includes plans and diagrams for various technologies.
Marketplace for Kids - a practical educational resource to teach youth and young adults about entrepreneurship and small business creation.
Marketplace of Ideas - North Dakota´s creative response to assist
ople to adapt to challenging economic times.
Mother Earth News - A great resource for alternative "everything" gardening, home and garden, natural products, how-to-information.
Norman Borlaug - one of our inspirations for what can be accomplished when one person sets their mind to helping people.

North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association - supporting innovations in agriculture, farmer´s markets, and good food.
One Breath Village - a friend of ours working on creativity using the idea of effortless effort.
Plant a Tree Today Foundation - works to take action against deforestation and climate change through native forest restoration.
Prema Baba - Future Self Training - a new methodology to serve as the bridge to our brighter future
SPREAD - Rwanda - an example of what can be accomplished through collaboration in developing places.
The Moods-Channel - Our founder, Desmond Green´s Website to help you balance yourself to enjoy life more fully.
Utility Research Gardens, URG - an organic food farmer, growing bamboo and creating a little paradise on earth - in Texas.
Whole Earth Catalog - one of the creative inspirations for our concepts for "alternative education" focusing on practical information for changing times.
Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives - (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges. 
Zoom Information Systems - supporting community development, tourism through mobile technologies.
13LightMessages - Andrew Skadberg´s blog, poetry, creative writing

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