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Desmond Green is a Research Psychologist with over 35 years of experience. After graduate studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Theology he spent the next 25 years doing post graduate work with Prof. Ross Mooney of Ohio State University and Milton Senn M.D., Founder of the Yale Child Study Clinic.     More about Desmond

The Reverence for Life University Team

Our team’s long-term experience, knowledge and conclusions from preliminary research have identified some specific areas of need for regions and communities in all places for the near and long-term future.

In order for the Reverence for Life University to benefit current affairs and deliver timely, real solutions, we are proposing a tentative pilot project that would focus on agricultural and community economic diversification. The primary aim will be for capacity building of small 

Andrew Neil Skadberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Skadberg's professional career and experiences have involved many roles and responsibilities in rural economic development, environmental conservation and tourism. Over time, Dr. Skadberg has gained recognition as an expert on rural issues and solutions, the development of technology tools and the use of the Internet for the development of information and educational resources to support business development, with an emphasis on the "rural - urban nexus".                More about Andrew
Yvette Dubel
====> As you read this a space opens up for you to take your place in our expression of the circle of humanity. Even as you function as part of your organization, you are also its spark of humanity. Bring the flame of your vision, knowing something better is possible, to the center of the circle. Then take your place in the circle that is incomplete without you.
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agricultural producers while at the same time empowering sustainable community and regional development which will all regions of the nation to be a leader in the global marketplace, while, more importantly, enhancing regional economic stability. These strategies address the various issues that have been identified by the national government and ministers and other concerned individuals with a primary goal to create sustainable agricultural and rural development across Jamaica.

The Reverence for Life University faculty will be comprised of multi-disciplinary educators, researchers and practitioners who are well prepared to collaborate and build a bridge to the business world. The final section of this proposal outlines the specific agenda to build the “Reverence for Life Center” and bridge to the people of Jamaica

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